Boredom is a Disease... We have the CURE!

Tactical Adventure Games is not the old fashioned laser tag your dad used to play! You won’t find any bulky glowing vests or cheesy space phasers here. Our games are a realistic Urban Combat Simulation using High Tech laser tag guns. It is just like stepping into a live video game.

Tactical Adventure Games is traditional laser tag on steroids! Our laser tag guns use the most advanced technology in the industry. They have an extreme range and pinpoint accuracy. You can even feel the recoil as you fire! Equipped with tactical slings, and red dot sights, our laser tag guns are advanced yet lightweight and simple to use.

TAG takes urban combat simulation to the next level!

Tactical Adventure Games is mission based and full of action. Players must work as a team to achieve their goal and complete the mission. If you have enjoyed traditional laser tag, paintball or video games you’ll love Tactical Adventure Games! This is the way Laser Tag was meant to be played